Merox sustainability

Merox – with a focus on sustainability

In the Nordic region, SSAB's business Merox, works to optimize the value of SSAB's by-products, scrap and waste with a focus on sustainability and value creation.

Merox's operations cover the entire value chain from R&D and production to marketing and sales. The operations consist primarily of three parts; recirculation of materials to SSAB production, processing and selling products externally and managing waste that cannot be recirculated or processed into new products in a sustainable way. This includes the handling of material sent to landfill in the Nordics. Merox delivers products globally and has six production facilities in Sweden and Finland. Merox handles around 4 million tonnes of residuals each year, with an average of almost half  being recirculated and one third being sold externally. The remainder is either used in internal infrastructure or put into temporary storage. Only about 5% is sent to landfills.